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All photos to be credited to Tony Nardella of Nardella Photography (

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Tall shots:

Shig - tall shot
Performing: Shig Saito
jpg (984 kb)
Karleen - tall shot
Performing: Karleen Manchanda
jpg (1 mb)
Group Performing - tall shot
Performing Members
eps (43.7 mb) | tif (25.9 mb) | jpg (7.1 mb)

Wide shots:

Margaret - wide shot
Performing: Margaret McKenty
jpg (2.3 mb)
Group - wide shot
Performing Members
eps (44.3 mb) | tif (26.2 mb) | jpg (6.8 mb)


Hinode Taiko CD Cover
Hinode Taiko CD Cover
eps (8 mb) | tif (6 mb) | jpg (964 kb)
Hinode Taiko logo
Hinode Taiko Logo (B&W)
eps (160 kb) | tif (132 kb)
jpg (76 kb) | bmp (just the text, 100 kb)
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