What they say about Hinode Taiko:

“[Hinode Taiko has] succeeded in bridging the gap between live performance
and recorded music…energetic and vibrant disc….”
– Uptown Magazine, 2004

“The Hinode Taiko drummers rock. This is entertainment you can feel in your chest cavity. Pure raw energy and power tempered by precision and focus…. a must on your…to-do list.”
– Winnipeg Free Press, 2001

“The Hinode Taiko group…performers sing, shout, dance, kick and jump while striking their instruments. The result is a heart-pounding, high-energy display that can leave spectators breathless.”
– Winnipeg Free Press, 2001


“The booming, tribal rhythms of the Hinode Taiko drummers seem to resound in the theatre long after they’re done. This internationally renowned group is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.”
– Winnipeg Free Press, 2003

“Each drummer’s attention to details of form and line, their perfect delivery of complex rhythms, and their infectious joy combined to create a spell-binding opening…. Hinode Taiko’s commitment to every aspect of their craft…is apparent in the final product. Their attention to detail lifts their performance into the realm of the extraordinary…. The evening ended with…the individual rhythms of each drummer [encompassed] into a glorious, pounding whole. When it stopped, it felt like a physical force had left the room; somehow, though, the energy it generated remained.”
– The Manitoban, 2000

“Arguably Canada’s foremost Taiko group…. entirely original…. Part of what makes the show special is the way troupe members create theatre by making the performance into a sort of joyful game….”
– Winnipeg Sun, 2003

“The Hinode Taiko drummers got a standing ovation after a thunderous performance that had the ground shaking.”
– Winnipeg Free Press, 2000

“An opportunity to see this sensational group perform live should not be passed up. The power that they possess in the finesse of their performance is something truly difficult to describe in words. As soon as the show began… the only thing that existed was the power of the beating drums. The music held me spellbound….”
– Swerve, 2004

Reviews: Hinode Taiko on CD

“After resisting the urge to record…the troupe has finally found a way to arrange the songs so as not to lose their energy and intensity. Just listen as Together slowly draws you in and builds to a thrilling and thunderous conclusion, or marvel as the driving beats of Odaiko threaten to blow a speaker. Every playing of this disc reveals another layer of the onion, and it is a must for anyone who is a fan of Asian music. The power of these drums is amazing, and Hinode Taiko are, without a doubt, masters of their art. B+
– Uptown Magazine, 2004

“On their debut CD, long-running Japanese drum troupe Hinode Taiko surprises you with what else they possess – more musicality than you’d expect from stickhandlers. Some of that comes from their considerable technical prowess, which allows them to manipulate tempo and dynamics to good effect. Some comes from smart arrangements that wisely combine bold, primal grooves with complex, interwoven patterns to forge a variety of textures and moods. Put the rest down to sheer creativity and the obvious enthusiasm they retain after 22 years together. Here’s hoping we don’t have to stick around 22 more years for a followup. 3 1/2 stars out of 5.”
– Winnipeg Sun, 2004

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